Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Self-Advertisement: Let's play with me

On my relentless quest to try out different things, I now started to record some Let's play videos on Youtube. So far, I tried out a few things, in german, but I guess I will mostly show spotlights of cool semi-current strategy games, play some dota2 and also delve into ancient video games (veeeeery ancient).
Check it out if you like!

Stay epic!

Monday, 7 January 2019

Awesome Games Done Quick 2019

Admittedly a bit late as it started yesterday, but one of my favourite streaming events of the year, Awesome Games Done Quick, ist happening this week. It is an event that shows incredible speedruns of video games to raise funds for charity. Donations go to the Prevent cancer Foundation and currently the Castlevania block is running.

Stay epic!

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Commander Deep Returns!

After a long time of neglect, I took the time to dust of an old musical project that I did in 2009 and to upload it to YouTube for convenient access: Lo and behold, I present to you Commander Deep -Bastions of Infinity

This space ambient music presents the efforts of base guitar effects and signal postprocessing. While it might not have the highest production value, it is an important artefact of my mind form earlier times.

Stay epic!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Public talk at Sceptics in the Pub Vienna: After action report

The talk in October went very well, and since last week, the resulting YouTube is available:

If you missed the talk but are interested, this is your chance to be edutained. ;)

Stay epic!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Public talk at Sceptics in the Pub Vienna

Tomorrow I have the honour to talk about the effects of magnetic field on us humans as part of the Viennese Sceptics in the Pub talk series. I hope I can discuss some interesting effects and facts and fulfill my duty as scientist by enlightening a few people.

Admittedly, the advertisement here is very short-term, but the event enjoyed some publicity in other channels. There even is a press release! I hope to see some readers tomorrow, but there will be a YouTube video for all the people missing the event. Therefore I will post an after show report and the link to the recording at a later date.

Stay epic!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Darkest Dungeon: Finally beaten!

Long time ago, I blogged about playing Darkest Dungeon, and my frustration at this game. A great game, but also unforgiving. Since that time, two addons and some quality of life improvements were released, so I gave it another try. Over the course of the year, helped by the less grindy Radiant mode, I slowly built up everything needed to finish the game.

After a long journey, I reached and defeated the final boss yesterday!

What can I say? It is a good game. It is an obnoxious game. It likes to punish you heavily, but this only makes victory so much sweeter. Still there is the Sleeper boss waiting in the Mill, so I might go back the old road one more time...

Stay epic!

Monday, 23 July 2018

WIP: The 9th Age veil tokens

Slight progress on the 9th Age preparation front: While Warhammer 8th edition used dice to determine the amount of magic dice, 9th Age uses cards to generate dice and so-called "Veil tokens" that can be converted into additional magic dice, used for spell effects or stored to some extend. Spellcasters and magical items can generate these tokens to.

While I could use some boring tokens, coins or dice to track them, I decided that this was the perfect space for some swirly magical effect, painting some bases with whatever comes to our minds. Handling them in game will be easy and a fancy affair!

This is the current state of affairs:

(The backsides still need some painting, and there will be a few more.) Another session and they should be done.

Stay epic!