Monday 25 December 2017

The Epic Adventures Reborn Again: Chapter III Has Begun!


My long-term readers might have noticed a certain absence of this blog over most of 2017. A combination of technical issues and busy times led to  the end of the second age of my blog. As with the end of the first age, when the Vienna University of Technology blog servers shut down, it is the time to start anew. Last time it was Wordpress, now I will try Blogger.

To inform any new readers that stumble upon this blog, the original focus was about tabletop gaming experiences and miniatures building/painting. While tabletoping is still around, it sees far less attention right now. Other topics of interest that receive some attention are video games, science, events around Vienna, travelling, and of course the antics of my metal band Gradient of Disorder. Other odds and ends might occur too.

I guess during the near future, a wrap-up of 2017's happenings as well as some blog archaeology about now-lost posts will occur. Tabletop-wise, the community has answered Games Workshops Age of Sigmar by creating their own rules that actually allow balanced game-play under the moniker "The 9th Age". Version 2.0 will be out soon, which might inspire me again.

If you are still up to follow this blog, it might be the right time to refresh your (RSS) subscription. is still the valid address.

Finally I can write again: Stay Epic! Have a nice end of the year and a grand year 2018!